Donations to the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association go directly to the maintenance and restoration of Maple Hill Cemetery's grave markers, monuments and fences. For almost 200 years, the cemetery has suffered from pollution, storm damage, neglect and vandalism.Working closely with the Maple Hill Cemetery staff, the board secures funding for restoration and contracts while overseeing the actual historic restoration to preserve the grounds, monuments, grave markers and fencing in the 15 historic sections of this time-honored place. We believe in the advancement of preservation and appreciation of the historic heritage of Huntsville and Madison County, and are passionate about our current and future efforts.

The Huntsville Pilgrimage Association has restored and/or cleaned over 1,600 monuments and fences in Maple Hill, costing nearly $350,000. We are grateful for the privilege of undertaking this special work.

We need your help! If you'd like to support these efforts, please send your check to:

Huntsville Pilgrimage Association
P.O. Box 2962
Huntsville, AL 35804

All donations are gratefully received, especially this year, and will further assist in this monumental task of preservation.


For additional information regarding the Stroll, or cemetery restoration, please e-mail